AIS #69: Alnitak
April 6th, 2014

AIS #69: Alnitak

Well hello there. Here we are in the the trinary star system of Alnitak. As per my usual habits, I’m playing around with styles. In this one I opted to avoid gradual shading of bright objects in space. I kept it gradual on the planet though…or at least I tried to. I also am leaving a small gap of no pencil between space and the edges of objects. Characters are a bit rough, but I’ll work on that. Considering a means to subtly direct the reader to look at the frames in order. Maybe a small arrow on the border. Anyway, I’ll stop boring you now. Bye!

Nightmares in a hotel

          Last night I had a nightmare. While I was dwelling on it this morning, I noticed something odd. I don’t really have recurring nightmares, but all of them have been happening in the same place of late. The theme of the nightmare is always different, but they’re always in this high-rise hotel I’m pretty sure exists only in my mind. I’ve never seen the outside, but I have seen several rooms, a small courtyard, the beige hallways with the outdated red carpet, a giant spiral staircase in the core of the building, and an express elevator that is so fast, it makes me nervous to ride it.
          Now because this hotel is host to my nightmares, it’s not exactly a pleasant place. The rooms are slowly filling with things that make me want to puke, and the concrete of the courtyard is stained with the blood of people I’ve seen jumping from balconies. Luckily, every time I wake up is like checking out, turning in my keys and most of my memories of my stay. Every time I come for a visit to the hotel of nightmares, I get a new room. I walk through the halls remembering that there are terrible things inside every door, but I don’t have a key so I can’t look to see what was so terrible about it. Also, the cleaners are very good about removing the people from the courtyard, so I don’t remember who jumped. Though maybe they should consider investing in a pressure washer for the ever present blood stains.
          My visits to this hotel are very infrequent, but there’s one thing about it that just grinds my gears. The express elevator broke 3 nightmares ago. It’s been months and it’s still broken. Every time I check in, I have to lug my suitcase up the god damned giant spiral staircase, and they always put me on the top floors. I can handle all the death and destruction and other terrible things because I know they aren’t real. But the half hour I spend struggling up the seemingly endless stairs is not exactly an experience one can simply brush off as not real.