AIS #37: Speak French in France

AIS #37: Speak French in France

Here be number 37. I drew this about a year ago, but this is a better version.


Discussion (5)¬

  1. Dragon says:

    How do I make the avatar thing work here?

  2. Dragonjah says:

    Is this how I do it?

  3. Jon says:

    I guess it is….oh and go ahead, she sold me out anyway.

  4. Dragonjah says:

    Oh hey look at that, I did it. Also I laugh at you. A grown man who’s struck out into the world on his own and he still gets in trouble with his parents. Classic. I think it’s more your parents fault BUT that’s less funny >=D

  5. Jon says:

    no, see once you get out on your own, you don’t worry about getting in trouble, you just choose whether or not to care what they think of you, because they no longer hold the strings connected to everything in your possession.