AIS #4: Angry Robot

AIS #4: Angry Robot

Jan 21, 2009: 0430 CST

Hi, my name is Jon, and I’m addicted to Netflix. Seriously, I’m struggling to resist its pull on a daily basis. I’d have finished comic 4 last week if it weren’t for stupid Netflix giving me unlimited access on my xbox to all this shit I didn’t need to watch. If you have a life and want to keep it and not become a hermit, I recommend you don’t sign up for fucking netflix.

By the way, I’m going to Japan tomorrow, Hawaii next week, and maybe Rome the week after that. I managed to jam all 3 weeks of my vacation this year into one month, so I’m taking advantage. I’ve got some ideas I need to look into during my long ass plane rides (Dallas to Tokyo = 13 hours on a 777, first class bitches!), such as a character bio page, changing the character art a bit to make it more appropriate for a comic, by which I mean not so much realism and more exaggeration…but not too much. Just enough where they look a bit more cartoony without totally compromising the quality, because nothing makes me not want to read a comic more than shitty, half assed art. Anyway, I’ll be back in 3-4 weeks with more stuff for your viewing pleasure. It will be sooner if the Rome thing doesn’t pan out.