Doodles of Doom #6

Doodles of Doom #6

I got bored…

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  1. Dragonjah says:

    You’re actually updating this site regularly. I am both shocked and amazed. On an unrelated note, is Vegas awesome? My 21st is coming up so I’ll be able to legally drink in your country, I never did anything for my 18th so I feel like I should make up for it now haha.

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve never actually been, so I wouldn’t be a good source of info. People that go there seem to like it though. There’s a pawn shop near the airport I just heard about that lets you rent almost any gun and shoot it at the range.

    If you decide to show up you have to tell me when so I can attempt to show up too.

  3. Dragonjah says:

    You had me at almost any gun<3

  4. dave says:

    is this a reference to that In Time movie?

  5. Jon says:

    nope. Never saw that one. I’ve wanted to do something with the concept of immortality for several years now.