AIS #65: Robot For The Job

AIS #65: Robot For The Job

Hello, here is number 65. Please enjoy, and seriously you 5-10 people that actually look at this thing, would it kill ya to leave a comment now and then? I mean really, I’ll take negative comments over little to no comments at all. At least then I’ll know I exist. First one to tell me to make a comic about something gets a comic made about that thing they suggested. I will publish it within a week or so of seeing the comment. Something tells me there will be one or more robot ninjas involved.
That will be all, you are dismissed.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Dragonjah says:

    Robot ninjas flying on cyborg dragons fighting zombies in vietnam. ONE WEEK.

  2. Dragonjah says:

    I almost forgot, the zombies can shoot laser beams.

  3. Jon says:

    ooo I just got a tingly feeling….

  4. Ryan says:

    But I don’t know how to leave comments…. Oh wait, I figured it out

  5. Jon says: