Adventures in space was inspired by, well, this might sound a bit silly, but it was inspired originally by the paint texture on the wall of my bedroom at my parent’s house. I told you it would sound silly. A small spot near the window looks remarkably like an alien talking to another alien. Since that time, I’ve always wanted (in the back of my head where I can’t realize it until later) to draw a comic about a few aliens or people or whatever in a spaceship doing you know, space stuff. I drew a few frames and realized that I sucked at drawing. So I put it away for about 8 years forgot about it. I tried drawing again in 08′ and realized I could draw things far better. So I decided to start it up again and made a website and so on. I’m attempting to use this comic as a means for practice so that I can improve, so the style changes as I learn and try new techniques.

I hope you enjoy it!